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Story of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have been around since the time of the Roman Empire. As we all know it is a gift symbolizing love and the desire to spend the rest of our lives together. Depending on cultural background the value of an engagement ring varies. Some cultures believe that you must give an expensive engagement ring. Other cultures believe the engagement ring should not be expensive at all.

Both cultures are correct and incorrect on their views. It is not the value of the ring that matters, but the meaning and love behind it. If you want to buy your loved one an expensive engagement ring. Do it! As this is your way of showing affection. If you rather want to buy a less expensive ring, because you would like to treat her in another way. Do that. An engagement ring should symbolize your love for your partner and the desire that you have to spend your lives together.

Going through the internet and reading articles, most people still want engagement rings. They are not fixed on a massive diamond that cost an arm and a leg anymore, but they still want that ring. They still want that symbol of love.

engagement rings

The sentimental meaning behind the engagement ring is massive. It will always be one of your loved ones most cherished possessions. That is why we are so scared of it being taken. We will spend insane amounts of money on things that we need to replace in a year or two as it will be outdated. Yet some people do not want to give a gift that their loved one will cherish forever, that will not become outdated in a year or two. Even if it gets stolen, they will think: “They really love me” and love is the one thing we all crave. No matter which: culture, country nationality even continent we are from. We want to be loved.

As a couple wanting to get married. Nothing symbolizes this love more than the giving of an engagement ring. How much you want to spend is up to you, but take it from us. Your loved one wants a ring, even if they say differently. You just need to know what ring they want.

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